Friday, 25 July 2014

vintage girl

dress - vintage
belt - vintage
sandals - h&m

A lovely day spent with friends. I wore my new favourite dress from a second-hand shop and it felt like in a Wes Anderson's movie - which is quite accurate because we watched the magnificent "Grand Budapest Hotel" in the evening. But before that we prepared a dinner and an experimental vegan cheesecake made from cashew nuts, almonds, coconut oil and fresh blueberries. It turned out so so delicate and yummy! We also had some wine, salad and tofu nachos with garlic sauce.
It turned out that we don't have any wine glasses so we had to improvise and drink it in a latte glasses. Oops. But it was funny (and still looked elegant, so...).
Anyway! This day was calm, careless and full of yummy food and Wes Anderson. Do I need more?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

mint morning and ice cream

Another calm summer day - me and my boyfriend had a nice walk in a sun before I went to visit my aunt. We went into a bookstore to get him a french grammar book and I forced him to make some photos since I liked today's outfit. We also stopped for some yummy ice cream~

skirt - sheinside
shirt - vintage
bracelet - h&m

Friday, 18 July 2014

feel the summer vibes!

Summer day with my family and boyfriend. I made a nice distance on my bike and ate glorious banana pancakes.

Oh, and here's the outfit (you can see both of my tattoos, yay!) :

top - sheinside
skirt - new look
sandals - h&m
glasses - allegro

Thursday, 17 July 2014

summer salads

During this season I always want to eat something light because I don't like feeling stuffed, especially when it's hot outside. If you feel the same, I'd like to share with you two salads I just love these days - they make awesome supper or lunch.
I'm a huge salad fan but I like them to be interesting. Salad with just lettuce and tomato is not fun, food has to be creative!
Here they are - a really quick post before I leave home. I'm gonna grab my bike and spend a peaceful summer day~

fresh tomato
sunflower seeds

black olives
blue cheese
dried tomatoes
olive oil + lemon dressing

Pair it with a pretty drink and enjoy!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

smoothies & breakfast in bed

A fresh blueberry smoothie. Breakfast in bed. Calm mornings and afternoon bike rides.
These days are just so lovely! I became lazy and - oops - stopped paying attention for this site for a while. Sorry!
Recently all my energy is going into gym exercises and bike rides. I want to stop being a lazy pigeon and use summer for creating some good habits! Is there a better season for this kind of resolution? It's warm (sometimes hot), sunny and for the first time I have almost too much free time (scary!). And my Pinterest addiction came back, there are just too many amazing ideas which I have to try! My 'be healthy' board helps me a lot in keeping my resolutions. I really like positive vibes I get from Pinterest.

Is your summer good? 
If you're on Pinterest, send me your boards~!