Sunday, 12 April 2015


Few details caught in the neighbourhood (I'm really glad that I came to Warsaw for the Easter time). Surprisingly we have some good street art and weird surreal figures next to these grey blocks of flats. 

As you know, I'm springwalking again. Only now I noticed that trees here are just starting turning green. Branches are still naked like in winter...and it's the middle of April. Nature here is waking up later than in Cardiff (why haven't I thought about this earlier?).

Friday, 10 April 2015


For me spring is usually very different from other seasons. Spring means that I'm waking up and going out. I have the energy. I feel creative. And alive. This year, additionally, spring came with some big changes for me (and they're good!).  

I'm still taking my camera with me when I'm going for walks. And I feel that I want to share some pictures here again.
These are taken in Cardiff, in march, during walks in a new and very pleasant company.

see you soon! 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

magical day (and golden leaves)

I fell in love with St Fagans. Does it even need any words of explanation? It's my place, beautiful and calm, where I can walk and walk surrounded by autumn trees and have a mini picnic in the forest and have a truly magical day.

more autumn vibes soon~

Monday, 13 October 2014

autumn days

Autumn came to the streets and parks and it even sneaked through the window to my room, so I'm sitting in jumpers, drinking hot ginger tea, listening to melancholic tunes and drawing, drawing, drawing.
Sweater weather.
I got an adorable raccoon jumper and some plain gloves (yes, I'm gonna embroider something on them!). I was in some interesting places, found some good charity shops, bought some books.
I have so many creative ideas, I don't know where to start - drawing, writing, embroidery, crafts, everything at once. I'm working on the project about phobia for the uni and I'll definitely share that online later. 

what are your autumn thoughts? xx

Friday, 26 September 2014

a student's diary ✿

And just like that the induction week ended. 
On Tuesday we went to the Bristol zoo to sketch animals and have lunch and get to know each other a bit. I loved it, especially the magical underwater tunnel and huge, beautiful beetles and butterflies. 
I love my uni, I love my teachers, I can't wait for my classes to start and I am such a nerd, one of the first things I did was running to the library and borrowing myself some interesting books to study during the weekend. I think I should just live there, get a sleeping bag under a shelf, smuggle some good coffee and make friends with books. 
[That's my freshers week. Yes.]

Beside that, I'm walking long distances in Cardiff and try to know the city. I'm not really hopeless, I met amazing people and went to some really cool pubs like Full Moon, listened to some great music and some great stories.  I discover amazing places, like Cinnamon Sticks or cool charity shops. Here are my new finds:

The vintage patterns in my wardrobe collide which is kinda cool I guess.

Tomorrow - a pancake morning with my new housemates and new "Doctor Who" episode. Sometimes life is nice.

thanks for reading! xx