Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cardiff, I'm in love

Finally! I have internet in my new house which means that I can finally tell you something about the big change that happened this week!
I've already moved to Cardiff. I was also in London for an hour, so I was able to do a quick walk and I know I'll come there in the future. The photos below show fragments of my new room - I'm trying to decorate it and make it more mine, putting my favourite illustrations everywhere. The room is antique, but I like the vintage feel!

The city is awesome and I dedicate this week to sightseeing. City centre, beautiful parks, castles, museums and endless walks (with stops for a coffee). This is my first time in UK, but I think I love it.
My street is quite quiet (I wonder if it will stay that way when more students move in) and my new campus looks like an amazing place - very modern and well designed.
What I love the most is the fact that I can walk to almost every place and everything seems to be near.

I took a really long walk on Tuesday, walked aroung the Cardiff Castle and then I went into the charming Bute Park. I think I found my new green place to sit with a book and a cup of coffee. The weather is beautiful whole week and I managed to catch the light between trees and make photos of my impressions of this place.

I will share with you more thoughts and places when I get to know the city and the people.
see you! xo xo

Sunday, 7 September 2014

❤ eat me drink me ❤

Hello there!
Yesterday felt so much like middle of the summer - warm and sunny, still green - and sitting at home would be a shame, so my boyfriend took me to one of the most amazing places in Warsaw. You know, of course, about my deep love for "Alice in Wonderland", so you can imagine how happy I was when I learned about Eat me Drink me!
I wanted to dress up like Alice, but finally I just picked up a cute pastel outfit from a skirt you've seen before, pink oversize blouse, thrifted belt and heart-shaped sunglasses.
And when I stepped inside and felt like I'm in Disneyland again, I was so amazed by the design of Eat me Drink me - every little detail is on its place and there are so many references not only to the Disney movie (which I expected), but also to the novel. So you can eat the "Jabberwocky" or "Humpty Dumpty" salad, or drink the "Golden afternoon" drink - everything looks so pretty and it tastes awesome too! They have pretty much everything, from coffee and cake (and small sugar cookies with "eat me" written on them) to sandwiches, pasta and burgers. 

As you see, the atmosphere is truly magical. All the decorations really reminded me of the Wonderland part in Disneyland. Eat me Drink me is somehow divided in two parts - one is light and pastel so you can feel like you're participating in a tea party (we were sitting there) and the other one is more dark, with lamps shaped like kettles and decorative cards everywhere (so you can feel a bit like in the Red Queen's labirynth?).
I will definitely visi them again - maybe even this week, before my flight to Cardiff? This is the kind of place you don't forget, because you'll find there just everything you need (oh, did I mention that they also seel incredibly cute home accessories like aprons with cupcakes, bowls and cute baskets?).
If you're ever in Warsaw, make Eat me Drink me one of your destinations! ❤

have a nice day! xo xo

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

every bit of summer left

Hello, pretty creatures!
Yes, yes, I know. I haven't posted anything in quite a long time. I usually try to make posts regularly, but I'm extremely busy, because, omg, two weeks left until my flight to Cardiff!
You can imagine how busy it is when you move to a different country - all the serious adults things like documents, bank account, new phone number, student loan, making budget plans, etc, etc, etc. And of course it would be just too easy if everything went perfect, so I have an enormous delay in getting my dorm room number and student loan timetable. It's really overwhelming, and exciting, and stressful, and I feel happy and scared at the same time.

Despite all that I'm trying to catch the last days of summer and spend time with my friends, because next time I'll see them will be probably during the Christmas break. Yesterday I visited my school, talked with my Professor and then went to the cinema with my friends to see "Frank". 

As you see, I haven't stopped drawing and I'm updating my facebook page as soon as I create something new. I can't wait to start attending my illustration classes at the uni and share the creativity with you, guys!
Just wait till I come to Cardiff (which will be on monday, 15th September and yes, I'm counting days and hours left) - I'm sure I'll visit many amazing places, meet fascinating people and make so many photos! 

have a nice day! xo xo

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

♥ needle love ♥

Hi, how is it going?
I woke up in a creative mood and decided to make something new for the shop! I bought new art supplies the other day (oh, how I love new art supplies!) and  - besides working on a new embroidered girl - created these two cuties:

Doesn't the second one remind you of Wes Anderson's movies?

Click on photos for more details and if you want make me really happy, share this post or the link to my shop with others! Maybe someone will like my crafty things!

thank you! xo xo

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

new embroidered girl [and shop update!! wee!]

As you know, embroidery is my new passion (you can see it in this post). On my countryside vacation I had time to create a new embroidered girl (a little better now, I hope). We still have hot summer, but I wanted to give her a cute sweater anyway to practice some patterns. And - obviously - a triangle garland was obligatory too!

What do you think? Would like to have something like this on your wall? I think I'll make more in the future! And hey, I decided to bring my shop to life again! For now there are few awesome accessories and embroidery, but soon I'll put there stickers and notebooks! 

You have to check it out - maybe you'll find something that you or one of your friends like? You would really help little pigeon (yes, me)! Just click on the image below!

thank you! xo xo