Tuesday, 22 July 2014

mint morning and ice cream

Another calm summer day - me and my boyfriend had a nice walk in a sun before I went to visit my aunt. We went into a bookstore to get him a french grammar book and I forced him to make some photos since I liked today's outfit. We also stopped for some yummy ice cream~

skirt - sheinside
shirt - vintage
bracelet - h&m

Friday, 18 July 2014

feel the summer vibes!

Summer day with my family and boyfriend. I made a nice distance on my bike and ate glorious banana pancakes.

Oh, and here's the outfit (you can see both of my tattoos, yay!) :

top - sheinside
skirt - new look
sandals - h&m
glasses - allegro

Thursday, 17 July 2014

summer salads

During this season I always want to eat something light because I don't like feeling stuffed, especially when it's hot outside. If you feel the same, I'd like to share with you two salads I just love these days - they make awesome supper or lunch.
I'm a huge salad fan but I like them to be interesting. Salad with just lettuce and tomato is not fun, food has to be creative!
Here they are - a really quick post before I leave home. I'm gonna grab my bike and spend a peaceful summer day~

fresh tomato
sunflower seeds

black olives
blue cheese
dried tomatoes
olive oil + lemon dressing

Pair it with a pretty drink and enjoy!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

smoothies & breakfast in bed

A fresh blueberry smoothie. Breakfast in bed. Calm mornings and afternoon bike rides.
These days are just so lovely! I became lazy and - oops - stopped paying attention for this site for a while. Sorry!
Recently all my energy is going into gym exercises and bike rides. I want to stop being a lazy pigeon and use summer for creating some good habits! Is there a better season for this kind of resolution? It's warm (sometimes hot), sunny and for the first time I have almost too much free time (scary!). And my Pinterest addiction came back, there are just too many amazing ideas which I have to try! My 'be healthy' board helps me a lot in keeping my resolutions. I really like positive vibes I get from Pinterest.

Is your summer good? 
If you're on Pinterest, send me your boards~!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

pin up party~!

Guys, I'm 20! This is so weird, I absolutely DON'T feel like it. But - as always - I wouldn't be me if I didn't organise a theme party. I guess I'll be an old lady and still I will make silly decorations, create themed playlists and order my friends to dress up. What made it a bit different this time is the fact that it was probably the last occasion when we all could meet like this - if I go to study abroad it will be much harder to keep in touch with everybody.

As you remember, my 18th birthday was in Wonderland and last year we were in a magical forest. This time I thought about something more simple (because everyone has a lot of work with exams). So we met for a pin up party, inspired by 50s, 60s and rockabilly fashion. I made my apple pie, summer sangria, crepe cake and weird marshmallow sticks with chocolate and my boyfriend was serving hot dogs. 

We had retro music [Wanda Jackson, The Beatles, The Ronettes, soundtrack from Blues Brothers etc] and we danced a bit.
I also got a polka dot tablecloth, some funny drink decorations and watermelon garland. And everyone had amazing temporary tattoos (or they drew something with color markers).
What do you think?