Tuesday, 19 August 2014

♥ needle love ♥

Hi, how is it going?
I woke up in a creative mood and decided to make something new for the shop! I bought new art supplies the other day (oh, how I love new art supplies!) and  - besides working on a new embroidered girl - created these two cuties:

Doesn't the second one remind you of Wes Anderson's movies?

Click on photos for more details and if you want make me really happy, share this post or the link to my shop with others! Maybe someone will like my crafty things!

thank you! xo xo

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

new embroidered girl [and shop update!! wee!]

As you know, embroidery is my new passion (you can see it in this post). On my countryside vacation I had time to create a new embroidered girl (a little better now, I hope). We still have hot summer, but I wanted to give her a cute sweater anyway to practice some patterns. And - obviously - a triangle garland was obligatory too!

What do you think? Would like to have something like this on your wall? I think I'll make more in the future! And hey, I decided to bring my shop to life again! For now there are few awesome accessories and embroidery, but soon I'll put there stickers and notebooks! 

You have to check it out - maybe you'll find something that you or one of your friends like? You would really help little pigeon (yes, me)! Just click on the image below!

thank you! xo xo

Sunday, 10 August 2014

life on a countryside [photo diary #2]

Calm days continued and eventually they came to an end. 
It was a wonderful week full of nature, walks, board games and guitar, books and the most delicious puffy yoghurt cake. On the last day we all went to the "special place" so my litle cousins could play with echo.  
And today we're back in the city. University preparations are waiting for me, but I'll enjoy some more calm mornings and few more days with friends.

is your summer also that good?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

we're wanderers [photo diary #1]

This week me and S. are hidden in the countryside. Days are sunny and hot and landscapes are magical. I spend most of my time outside, reading about philosophy and making new embroidered piece. 
We sleep. We cook. We go for walks. We plan to take bikes and spend one day by the lake, maybe make a picnic.
There's just one month left to my flight to Wales. This year we don't plan any big adventures together, we just want to take our time and enjoy last peaceful weeks. It's calm, it's simple, it's lovely. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

up on melancholy hill

Another two days out of town.
Sitting on an abandoned railway and reading a book. A wonderful novel full of myths and dreamy, surreal motives. I love magic realism - the unusual elements found in the everyday life. Recently I was reading books by Roland Topor and Olga Tokarczuk (both of polish origin) and I'm fascinated by their style.
Reading outside is pure joy. I love the connection of wooden brown and the green - it adds the fresh feeling to the thick, summer air.
Do you feel the same?